Comparyson is the first comparative social in the world, which allows to make any kind of comparison, survey by Web (www.comparyson.com) or mobile. The aim is to share immediately your ideas, products, photos, video, texts and anything you would like to compare in real time.

To access to Comparyson and make your comparyson or share with other users you must sign up (also with Facebook). The user will have a password which together with the mail used for signing up, will be needed to login in Comparyson.

The user can create Comparysons to compare two or more contents: images, videos, texts, audios referred to any topic. The title tags and description referring to the comparyson can be inserted as well as images, videos, texts or audios. Each comparyson made shows the user the number of votes and visualizations by other users, comments on other social networks. Every comparyson will have a time limit that will decide the conclusion. At the end the winning choice of comparison will be given.

The user has to sign up to join a comparyson and vote, click or press on the image chosen (button ”choose”). At the end of the timing, the user will be able to see the choice which has won.

  1. Access with login or sign up on the social network Comparyson;
  2. Click on the blue button “Make your comparyson” on the top right hand (corner);
  3. Enter the title, asterisk (*) means field required, of the comparyson you want to make and select  (one of the three boxes) which contents you want to compare: photos, images, videos, texts.;
  4. Click on “continue”;
  5. Select the appropriate category for your comparyson;
  6. Click, under the title “choice 1”, on “choose file” to upload the first content to compare and follow the same procedure, for the number of contents to compare (minimum 2, maximum 4);
  7. Insert a title for each content uploaded;
  8. Click on “publish” and confirm your comparyson.


N.B. If you want, you can also describe your comparyson with further details, describing each content and inserting tags which identify the comparyson you have made, for fast and simple research.

  1. Make a comparyson on two or more photos, select foto box;
  2. Identify images to compare on a search engine;
  3. Click on the right mouse button or hold on the image (in the case of mobile devices) and save the image in a folder on your PC or your mobile device (usually in the folder "images" or "download");
  4. Once you have saved the images you have chosen, go back to the page referred to your comparyson and click on button “choose file”. You will see a screen where you have to find the folder the images have been saved in. Once you have found them select and press enter and Comparyson will upload the image.
  1. Make a comparyson among two or more videos selecting the video box;
  2. Identify videos to compare;
  3. You can download from one of the following sites on Youtube: Downvids, KeepVid, SaveMedia, SaveVid.
  4. Once you are in one of these sites, select URL (link at the top of the page that starts with:  http://www.youtube...) of the video on Youtube, copy and paste it into the white bar of research on one of the sites already chosen. Next to the bar there must be the download button;
  5. After copying the link and clicking on download, the site will download the video on your PC or mobile;
  6. When the download ends, save the video in a video folder (you should find the video in the download folder);
  7. Go back to the page referred to the creation of your comparyson, click on choose file and once selected the video in the video or download folder, where it has been saved, the video will be uploaded by Comparyson.
  8. Then Publish your comparyson.

NB: The length of the uploading depends on how long the video lasts.

The yellow button “Modify Draft” will always be at the top right of your page on Comparyson.com from the beginning of the comparyson to its publishing.

If you have to logout from Comparyson, change page or consult Comparyson on other pages, your comparyson will not be deleted and so you can complete your comparyson whenever you like.

On the other hand, if you do not want to complete a comparyson you have started, just click the red button on the left bottom “Delete” to eliminate the comparison and a blu button “Make a Comparyson” will appear again on your profile, so you can start making a new comparison again.